People Photographs

by R. Eric Gustafson

Photograph of gardener in India.
Photograph of mountain village in India.
Photograph of Hindu children in India.
Photograph of shepherd in India.
Gardener on '"hookah" break, Kashmir

Mountain villager, Ladakh


Hindu children on feast day celebrating eldest child (painted face, front center), Orissa.

Shepherd , Nishat, Kashmir.
Photograh of old beggar in India.
Photograph of shopkeeper in India.
Photograph of Ladakhi villager in India.
Sikh hotelier, Amritsar, Punjab.
Old beggar on
Kovalam Beach, Kerala.
Muslim shopkeeper on Kovalam Beach, Kerala.
Ladakhi villager near chorten.
Photograph of three children in India.
Photograph of young boy in India.
Photograph of boy looking out of window in India.
Three children near Naggar, Valley of the Gods, Himachal Pradesh.

Young muslim boy,
Srinigar, Kashmir .


Muslim girl playing with Barbie, Nishat, Kashmir.

Little boy looking out of window in Leh, Ladakh
Photograph of man at monastery in India.
Photograph of children in village.

Kullu mother & child, Valley of the Gods, Himachal Pradesh.

King of Ladakh at Hemis
monastery festival, Ladakh.
Tatooed tribal woman, Orissa
Children in fishing village near Puri, Orissa.
Photograph of Indian woman.
Photograph of shepherd in India.
Photograph of man in Kashmir India.
Villager in Leh, Ladakh.
Shepherd on dusty country road, gaily saying "Don't take my picture!" Gujarat.
Bonda tribal women at market, Orissa.
Muslim old man in turban with fly, Srinigar, Kashmir
Women's protest rally in Delhi India.
Photograph of India woman sorting lentils.
Photograph of bus loading in Ladakh India.
Womens protest rally in Delhi in monsoon mist..
Woman sorting lentils,
Naggar, Himachal Pradesh.
Bus loading in Ladakh.
Buddhist monks preparing ritual vessels, Ri-dzong monastery, Ladakh.
Photograph of second class India railwar compartment.
Photograph of mother and child in India.
Photograph of Dhobi Suresh in India.
Second class Indian railway compartment.
Mother and child at well in Galgibag, Goa.
Dhobi Suresh in Mysore.

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